V W Beetle, moneybox, red

£ 35.00 













"V W Beetle" moneybox, red

by Coopercraft in gloss stoneware

hand painted and made in England

12cm x 28cm


Messy Tractor, moneybox, red

£ 9.00 














Messy Tractor, moneybox, red.

by Regency in gloss stoneware

9cm x 14cm


Retro Scooter, moneybox, Blue & Cream.

£ 7.50 













Retro Scooter, moneybox, blue & cream

by Puckator in gloss stoneware

11cm x 13.5cm


Retro Scooter, moneybox, red & cream

£ 7.50 














Retro Scooter, moneybox, red & cream

by Puckator in gloss stoneware.

11cm x 13.5cm


Envelope, moneybox

£ 6.50 













Envelope, moneybox.

addressed to British Telecom.

made in England in gloss stoneware.

unusual triangular back, so address can be displayed.

5.5cm x 14cm x 12cm


Snowy Owl, fabric moneybox.

£ 9.95 

















Snowy Owl, fluffy fabric, moneybox.

*not suitable for children under

36 months due to fibre loss*

approx 25cm x 15cm