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Because you are special

just couldn't for forget

To send you a wish for

your best birthday yet.

Have A Perfect Day


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Because you're somone nice to know

you're wished a perfect day-

And then a happy year that brings

life's finest things your way.

Happy Birthday


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Because you make life happier

in a way that's all your own

You're wished the best of birthdays

and the happiest year you've known.

Best Wishes


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It's just a simple greeting

but here's hoping it conveys,

How fondly you are being wished

the happiest of days.

Happy Birthday


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It really seems so natural

to send a wish your way...

And hope each carefree hour

adds up to a happy day.

Birthday Wishes


slt 006

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Your birthday is another way

for us to keep in touch,

And wish you all the happiness

that you deserve so much.

Enjoy Your Special Day


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Thinking of you on your birthday

because it's very clear,

That you deserve the best in life

each day throughout the year.

Have A Lovely Day


slt 008

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If there's one special wish

that you're making today,

Here's hoping you'll find

it will soon come your way.

Happy Birthday


slt 009

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Your birthday's a real

occasion for cheer-

sending good wishes

now that it's here.

Enjoy Your Day


slt 010

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Birthdays are for happy thoughts of

what the year will bring,

So here are warmest wishes

for the best of everything.

Happy Birthday


slt 011

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Because you're someone who

is special in every way,

May you have a birthday

that's a very happy day.

Best Wishes


slt 012

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Just thinking about you

Especially today,

And sending a world of

good wishes your way.

Happy Birthday


slt 013

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A birthday is your own

special day of the year

When you are warmly remembered

and wished much happiness.

Best Wishes


slt 014

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Thinking of you and all the things

that make you special,

And wishing you, with love

a very happy birthday.

Just For You


slt 015

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Thoughts of you bring

wishes filled with love for

a birthday that's bright with

sunshine and perfect in every way.

Happy Birthday


slt 016

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Hoping you birthday is bright

with sunshine and

fills your heart with happiness.

Enjoy Your Day


slt 017

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On your birthday wishing you with love,

good times,good friends

and happiness always.

Happy Birthday


slt 018

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May your birthday be so enjoyable

that it lingers in you heart

as a happy memory

all year through.

Best Wishes


slt 019

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Your birthday is the best time of all

to remind you

how special you are.

Birthday Wishes


slt 020

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Especially for you with fond memories,

caring thoughts and warm wishes

for a truly wonderful birthday.

Enjoy Your Birthday


slt 021

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Here are birthday wishes that are

heartfelt and sincere,

to say you're thought of fondly,

both now and all the year.

Warmest Wishes


slt 022

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This brings a special message to you

for a birthday filled

with everything that makes

your happiness complete.

Best Wishes


slt 023

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Birthdays are for happy thoughts

of what the year will bring,

So here are warmest wishes

for the best of everything.

Enjoy Your Day


slt 024

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These birthday wishes are warmer

than words can say,

Because they're on their way to you!

Enjoy Your Day